5 ways to use your cash card for money management

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Cash card vs. money

Living in the world when everything is related to money and payments is not an easy task. Bills ranging from newspapers to car payments, or be it credit card bills or electricity bills, mobile recharges or DTH recharges and many more to add to the list, these are inevitable elements associated in our daily lives.
The day we get rid of these bills is going to be the dooms day. And this is not going to happen so soon.

Digitization and its rapid growth towards economy and finances are changing the shape that the country operates and this is called growth. Now, what if the cash is converted to cash cards where you don't actually handle cash. This is called development. Let's work together to check why use cash card for money management.

Convenient online shopping:

Carrying hundreds of various cards from various notable banks is a straight no. What if we are able to access the same monies from a single account virtually? And still shop online the normal way you do.
Doesn't this sound amazing? Cash cards offer security and manage cash as smart as never before. You just have to load you cash card and swipe shop anywhere, any place and anytime.

Paying bills:

Paying bills through cash cards is very easy and avoids the long standing queues at the payment booths or stores. Be it mobile bills, recharges, DTH bills, use the cash card and pay the bill right from the place you are sitting. If you wonder, you need a bank account for this, the answer is, No. You do not need a bank account to own a cash card.

Booking travel tickets:

90% of the Indian population today depends on transportation via buses. Travel industry has taken a great shape and made its niche in the market and certainly has changed the ways of living. Travel by buses today play a major role in our daily lives because of their easy reach, availability, low fares, time saving, plying frequency and many other factors. With the cutting edge technology implementation, one can book tickets online using cash cards at their convenience.


We are aware of our everyday impact on the earth that pollutes the environment and leaves an unhealthy place to live. All of that paper for the bills can be swapped for online transactions with your cash cards.
Go ecofriendly when you pay bills online using cash cards.


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The Kiran Mehta is a Post graduate from the Napier Edinburgh University, Scotland and Freelancer Content Writer and Web Developer and one of the frequent visitors of Itzcash.com for online payment of bills.


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