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When considering leasing a car, some people are concerned about the actual cars that are available for contract hire. Can you only get certain models? Are there limitations? Can I get my dream car? As you'll find out in this article, this really is something to have little concern about, but depending on what you're after, it's well worth a read.

Here are some answers to common questions and things to bear in mind when deciding to a car. This should give you a good idea of what to expect:

What Models Of Car Can I Get? By in large, any model of car can be had in the form of contract hire. More specialized brands and models are less likely to be available through the average leasing provider, but then they can't be purchased through your average dealer either. And not all cars are offered through all providers. Some leasing companies prefer to deal with particular car names or simply their best sellers. No leasing provider will offer every single model of car for , so don't just presume that if you can't find a particular model of car with one provider that it's not available. Again, leasing companies tend to stick to certain brands and models. Of course, when searching via the Internet you can find these particular providers by searching for your desired model of car from the get go.

What Limitations Are There? More so than the models of car, any limitations that make contract hire an invalid option for you will be due to you: the driver. Most models of car are available to but depending on your age, driving experience, history and / or other factors, you may not be accepted by certain providers. Another limiting factor will obviously be insurance. Just because you can now afford that £60,000 car by paying monthly, it doesn't mean you can afford to insure it, or again, will be accepted for insurance. For the average person seeking to lease the average car, you'll be fine.

Can I Get My Dream Car? Of course this is largely subject to personal preference and what you define as your dream car. Many consider the latest Renault Clio to be ultimate car whereas others want nothing less than a Lamborghini Gallardo. With this being the case, it's really a combination of the above two points. If the car is available to lease (as we discussed, it likely is) and you're deemed to be a suitable driver (or in other words, the leasing company can trust you) then yes, you can have your dream car! Your best bet is to make enquiries with as many leasing companies as possible and see what they have to say.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has answered some of your questions and concerns as to what expect in terms of choice. For most people, by opting to lease, they'll now be able to afford a much better car simply because they're able to pay monthly. You get the best of both worlds: affordability and choice.

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