Changing nature of mobile recharge

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Not long ago, the payment of your phone bill was a huge project every month. Every person who managed a family in the 90s knows how tough it was to go to the government office and get your bill payment cleared from the more ‐than‐reluctant officer on the window. Times changed, things got simpler, and technology made unexpected turns. The phones got smaller, wires got extinct, and people started using mobile phones. These came with another problem, the recharge. This was probably easier than the bill payments before, but still involved a lot of effort. Looking for a retailer who would keep the recharge coupons was a project in itself when in a new place. The technology grew a bit more, and the times changed a bit more. Today, the mobile payment services have reached a new level of development. Log on to the internet right from your mobile phone and you can avail any mobile payment option you need to. This one small thing called 'Internet' has changed everything!

Coming to the actual payment, again there is a clear difference in what people did two decades ago and what they do now. In the 90s, many in the country had heard of no transaction other than the brick and mortar one. Soon came around the virtual payment options, using your credit and debit cards online to make the necessary payments. This seemed revolutionary but who knew people will soon start getting tired of entering the sixteen‐digit number and filling the two page forms which seemed so convenient at first. But they did, and hence came along the options of mobile wallet payment. If you can access the websites on your mobile phone, you can also make your payments directly from them!

India's leading payment solutions company which worked through all this and is today one of the most popular my mobile payment/recharge platforms in the country is This website not only provides you with an app and an option of paying through your mobile wallet (which makes transacting here much more convenient) but it also provides with attractive discounts and schemes around the year which help you get the cheapest possible recharge and payment services.

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