Color Copier Leasing

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Color copiers and printers perform similar functions. The color copier offers several advantages over the basic color printer. Color copiers come with different abilities, in addition to the basic task of producing black ‘n' white and color copies. They can also be used to scan, fax, and send copies as e-mail attachments. Pricing is based on copier functionality, speed, and memory. The is a kind of loan requiring no down payment and secured by the equipment itself.

is a well-established, tax efficient method of financing a wide variety of capital equipment. Color copier is more attractive for many businesses than purchasing one outright because of the high base cost and the rapidly advancing technology that may require frequent updating of equipment. The main reason businesses is to avoid the significant capital outlay required to purchase one outright.

A facility allows businesses to keep up with changes in technology. Some color copier leasing agencies include provisions to trade up to a newer model, allowing you to upgrade without buying. Color copier leasing offers customers fixed rentals, and flexible repayments and upgrades.

One can't help notice the following advantages of leasing:

  • Leasing a color copier offers the opportunity to own and upgrade to the latest technology.
  • It takes care of the office copier expenses, keeping costs to a minimum.
  • The greatest benefit of leasing over purchase is the absence of an outright buy.
  • It's a cost-effective way to increase productivity of any business.
  • Leasing extends the boundaries of financial flexibility.
  • Lease payments can be usually treated as pre-tax business expenses this will reduce the taxes.

    Though in hindsight leasing color copiers, in the long run, might prove to be more expensive there isn't a better solution if you wish to keep your business in tune with the continually changing technology. The advantages of leasing (for small and large businesses alike) far outweigh this single disadvantage.

    Colleen Barrett is a consultant of GSG. Graphic Savings Group specializes in equipment leasing and color copier leasing. GSG offers a full line of leasing options from refinancing to buyouts. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and can even do deals for start-ups and municipalities.

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