How Does The Tenure And Interest Rate Of A Home Loan Affect Your Eligibility?

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Although the home will provide one with the financial assist to purchase a home, one would first need to consider the eligibility factors for the . A housing eligibility calculator is one way to ensure that an applicant know the factors that will contribute to the eligibility status.

As per the house loan eligibility calculator, one would need to input various factors. These factors includes income and employment status amongst many others. Out of all the additional factors, the tenure and the interest rates will play an important role. Let us know how these factors affect one's eligibility for a loan application:

Repayment tenure

As per the features of the home loan, the repayment tenure can ranges between 15 to 30 years. However, this solely depends on the profile of the applicant. One of the many additional factors that one would need to consider on the repayment tenure is the EMI's. Equated Monthly Instalments ensure one repays the loan during the fixed repayment tenure. Emi's can be planned using the house loan eligibility calculator, based on the income earned by the applicant. Using this value the applicant can easily calculate the ideal EMI that would provide a flexibility to one's habits, and yet provide the benefits of a home loan. Additionally, a long tenure will ensure a better chance at the eligibility. Using this housing loan eligibility calculator the applicant can calculate the ideal repayment tenure that provides a high eligibility chance, while providing a flexibility.

Interest rate

As compared to any other loan, one would need to pay an interest rate on the loan application. This is no different for the home loan. However, since the home loan comes under the category of secured loan various institutes provide a low interest rate. Using the house loan eligibility calculator one can calculate the ideal interest rate that will suit the needs of the applicant. If one opts for a low interest rate, the repayment tenure will be long. A high interest rate would increase the pressure on your financial habit, leading to restrains on the activities. This in turn can affect the debt to income ratio. Financial institutions check this ratio to ensure that the applicant can handle the current debt. Therefore, by adjusting the interest rate for the loan, one can set the ideal EMI and repayment tenure that will suit the financial needs of the applicant and yet satisfy the ideal eligibility criteria for the loan.

Apart from these factors, the other influencing factors must be made aware of, especially when considering the eligibility of the home loan. In the end, one can easily take the necessary steps to improve the chances for a loan application just by utilizing tools like the housing loan eligibility calculator today.

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