HYIP Monitoring Services – Are They Worth?

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We have a plenty of monitors around and there's a big competition between them. I know about 600 services and it'd be waste of time to list all of them because most of them are inactive. They are on-line but no one manage them. Some on-line monitors are owned by hyip (High Yield Investment Program) administrators and some are paid by them.

What is a hyip? A HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is an on-line program that offers high returns with a corresponding very high level of risk. The risk is involved because of high profit generated by these programs. Some of them are reliable and based on a real investments but most of them turn to scam because they are based on a ponzi structure.

The main question is are monitors useful at all? Yes they are but not all of them. Only small part of them take care about their visitors and monitoring not only own payouts but their referrals and visitors as well. They're ready to set a problem or not paying status even if a High Yield Program administrator send money to them. Selective payments are a real problem and it means only small part of investors are paid. So it's not enough to find a monitored program with a paying status but it is necessary also to check a reliability of monitoring service.

There is no such service like monitor of monitors, but you can compare a few monitoring statuses of interested program. You can also verify some services and ask about something like care investors program. Dishonest monitors accept scam programs that offer unreliable profit like 2000% after 1 minute. No one will be paid in such programs expect maybe some monitors which receive referral commission. An investment monitor is like a tool that it's better to use if you decide to in High Yield Investment Programs. This is not monitoring websites fault that monitored programs turn to scams, this is High Yield Investment Program administrators fault. It's true that monitors help in promotion but if you even one cent you help also so investors are also responsible for these on-line opportunities popularity.

If you treat High Yield Investment Programs as a game there is nothing wrong, but if you last savings or you take a loan it's better to leave this market. Always do your own due diligence before investing and check monitoring statuses. If you feel you invest in pyramid schemes try to invest at beginning of the project, you have more chance to be in profit. Do not invest with emotion and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Following some rules and some strategies there is a chance to earn in High Yield Investment Programs but if you make only losses it's better to stop investing. At the end I recommend to check google with anchor HYIP or hyip monitor and choose one of the top services listed there.

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