Restaurant Technology to Maximize Efficiency

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Highly capable point-of-sale (POS) software is essential to keep a busy restaurant running smoothly and able to cope with demand. Ideally, a restaurant POS system should offer at least the following perks:

* Ability to view the sales transactions carried out at certain tills
* A way to search for open bar tabs by customer name
* Customized payment options, allowing customers to pay their bills with multiple methods, or split the cost among friends
* A feature that permits employees to input tip amounts into the interface at customers' requests

The capabilities above are just a few of many perks offered through Revel Systems' POS software. Our robust solution could take your restaurant's efficiency to new, better levels. As a result, customers are less likely to get frustrated by long waiting times, and may even feel compelled to write reviews praising the speedy service they got at your restaurant.

Intelligently Estimate the Time It'll Take Food to Reach Delivery Customers

Having a clear and accurate understanding of the estimated amount of time between food preparation and when a meal reaches a customer's home should help determine how many orders you can accommodate during a given shift without swamping your staff. Fortunately, this calculation is one that can be quickly figured out within our software.

There are many variables to consider before deciding to make home delivery an option. A POS system could help you make sense of previously unknown variables while keeping hungry customers happy.

Tap Into Sales and Labor Forecasts

Our restaurant POS system offers built-in projections about your busiest days and when you're likely to need more staff members than usual. By studying those forecasts, you can make plans accordingly, potentially eliminating staffing hassles that threaten to make your restaurant operations nearly grind to a halt.

View Color Coded Schedule Information

The more informed employees are about when they need to show up for shifts, the less likely you'll arrive at the restaurant to find you're short staffed. That's why it's smart to get a POS system that features color coded spreadsheets that allow you to check at a glance whether a scheduled employee has accepted or rejected an assigned shift. Our software even allows you to send schedules out by e-mail, In case employees neglect to check the master schedule.

Hopefully it's now easy to see how a restaurant POS system could help your restaurant consistently serve customers without mishaps. By relying on up-to-date technology, you could breathe easier and avoid disasters.

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Terry Willette